One advantage to owning a historic home in Richmond is the prestige. You have the opportunity to preserve something built in another age, and you may receive tax breaks for renovation. To restore your historic home in Richmond to its former glory, you may have considered calling a house painter who specializes in older houses. Keep in mind you have another, more cost effective choice with Rhino Shield.

Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating with its protective microspheres is perfect for Richmond historic homes in need of exterior renovation. Our exterior coating protects all manner of brick, wood, and stucco to prevent corrosion and damage from weather. With over a thousand exterior painting colors available, you can even choose the home’s original shade and fully restore your historic house in Richmond. Our work and product are guaranteed with a 25-year warranty, too, saving you money on future paint jobs.

Contact Rhino Shield in Richmond today to learn more about how we can beautify your historic home.