When you explore options for renovating the exterior of your home, think before you call a Richmond house painter? Do you really want to go through the trouble of having your house painted, only to call somebody back after ten years to do it again? You want the job done right, and while a house painter can promise that, the actual paint on your home could eventually crack and peel and you’re back to square one, calling your Richmond painting company again.

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings are great for residential homes. Once the application process is complete, your Richmond home will look brand new! The durable ceramic microspheres in our coatings work to protect your home from weather and mold, plus it helps insulate you home. You’ll save money on future paints jobs, and even on your energy bills.

As a homeowner, you want to protect your home and save money doing it. Rhino Shield is your best alternative to house painting in Richmond. Contact Rhino Shield  today to learn more.