weather gear
for your house

Rhino Shield coating keeps
your home temperature &
budget under control.

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Paint any color
under the sun

Your paint is mixed with our
patented technology to
look pretty but act tough.

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weather gear
for your house

A Rhino Shield coating
saves your home’s exterior
so it weathers the storms.

See the Science Behind It All
Takes the pain
out of painting

A Rhino Shield coating means
you won’t need to paint for
years saving you money.

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Before Rhino Shield

Before Rhino Shield

After Rhino Shield

After Rhino Shield

Put Down Your Paintbrush & Put Up a Shield

For over a decade Rhino Shield has been pioneering the development and installation of ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology in Richmond and the surrounding cities of Virginia. Rhino Shield breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle with its proprietary and revolutionary ceramic coating system hence our slogan “Never Paint Again!” Read on to learn more about the amazing advantages Rhino Shield coating system can offer your Richmond home or business. Looking for a house painter in Richmond? Have you thought about Rhino Shield?

Contact us to find out how to save money in the long run and never call your house painter again! Call your Richmond Rhino Shield specialist today!

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Paint Almost Any Exterior

Rhino Shield seals to the surface of the walls of your Richmond home eliminating moisture and damage using patented technology.

Stucco Stucco Efice Efice Brick Brick Wood Wood

Perfect for Any Building

With over 10,000 successful installations in Richmond, VA and worldwide, nothing compares to Rhino Shield for long-term protection of your building, condominium, historic building or workplace.

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